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Global project to create a better reality in all circles of life
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human Chain reaction for a global conversation and connection based on the common ground that we share one body...
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Human body as a world

Man consists of a large number of cells that make up the various organs.
Different role in each organ requires cooperation with the surrounding organs.

Human society consists of many people.
Each requires a different role in cooperation with surrounding him.

Any part of the body has a goal and function.
The lungs fill with desire, allow blood to attach oxygen emitting carbon dioxide, emptied breath.
Heart beats, pumping blood from the lungs to cycle back each body part.
Unnecessary nutrients are absorbed in the blood, all blood flow to take the materials needed those extra Paulette.
Necessary materials emitted from one cell are absorbed in another, these are not necessary at all are emitted outside.

Functioning of the body depends on each of the cells. All the works for the continued life of the whole body and the continued life of each of the constituent cells, the body's cells multiply reversed.

System of life on Earth consists of many details on this earth containing, air and sea, every form of life has purpose and function.
Plants become water and minerals that come from the ground and carbon dioxide from the air by organic compounds solar energy. Animals eat plants and other animals.
Running water in streams, reservoirs drains, evaporates in the heat, turn and return to earth as rain clouds.
Plants and animals drinking water sources, substances secreted unnecessary return to earth.

Existence of a global system depends on every one living in it.
They all work to continue the life of each living things on Earth and the continued existence of the entire life cycle.

Most organs in the body function automatically. Bones, lungs, stomach, muscles, but the human brain has a special role. Cluster of cells is not blindly listen to the needs of the body. Responsibility is to balance between the organs. Function is to protect the bones, to allow his lungs to breathe clean air, eat healthy, train your muscles and rest after exertion. The human brain can learn, imagine and create.

Most of the world's life forms function automatically. Rocks, plants, insects, animals, but humans have a special role. Capacity planning and thinking and doing can he controlled his election to dig mines, to cut down forests, prevent regeneration of the land, exploit animals to death, but his responsibility is to balance between the creatures. Role is to protect natural resources, flora and fauna.

Cells in our body organs built of them have functioning systems. Body as the universe running forces affecting the functioning of the systems. Forces such as winds, temperature, humidity, dryness, and gravity.
When there is coordination, harmony and balance between body and causes an effective and productive performance, and changing balance of power balance is upset, the person sick.

"Cancer" is a phenomenon in which a single cell in the body loses its ability to balance its reproductive rate and its consumption of materials from the body. He begins a process which is growing without limit, at the expense of living cells around it, killing them and using them to produce more cells like him.